Hey Folks!

Thanks for sticking with me on this long journey. I’m happy to announce the availability of the 0.14 release of JS8Call, which I’m calling the release before the 1.0 release candidate. Head over to https://groups.io/g/js8call/wiki/Download-Links to grab the latest copy and read up on the latest changes in the manual: https://docs.google.com/document/d/159S4wqMUVdMA7qBgaSWmU-iDI4C9wd4CuWnetN68O9U/edit?pli=1#heading=h.yaqei5pe76o

What’s changed in this release?

  • There’s a new directed command to store a message in the inbox of a station:  MSG. What this means is that relays will no longer automatically store the message in the inbox. Relays are for relaying commands.
  • That’s right, relays can relay commands. SNR? GRID? QTH? and now MSG and MSG TO:
    • KN4CRD>J1Y SNR?
  • So what’s the difference between MSG and MSG TO:?
    • MSG = store this message in your storage and display in your inbox
    • MSG TO: = store this message in your storage for another station to retrieve later
  • QUERY MSGS will respond with a message ID now. To retrieve the message text, issue “QUERY MSG [ID]” replacing [ID] with the ID returned.
    • This change make it easier to store and retrieve individual messages (and you can retrieve them multiple times this way too)
  • There’s also now a “message history” window for delivered messages (right click, view message inbox)
  • QTC (station message) has been merged with QTH. This will make it a lot easier to get started and to make room in the command table. QTH now defines your location and station equipment. (QTC was always weird to use for this anyway…)
  • API requests now correctly map payload ids “_ID” to requests and responses. This makes it a lot easier to build an integration!
  • There’s now a callsign blacklist (just like the whitelist) that can be used to block autoreplies to specific callsigns which may be abusing the system.
  • And a bunch of bug fixes!

Version 0.15 on February 21 will be officially slated as the first 1.0 release candidate. This ultimately will culminate for a planned 1.0 release on March 11. This is very exciting! I’m really happy with how far we’ve come, y’all. Just look for yourself:


Initial 0.0.1 release:

And now:

I’m proud of this and you should be too. You’ve helped shape JS8Call to what it is today. Without you, there wouldn’t be any reason to continue our march forward.

Cheers y’all!

Jordan / KN4CRD

Full change log:

      Added tooltip to frequency indicator
      Unify the fonts used in the frequency panel
      Fixed height for labels in frequency panel
      Bump to v0.13.1
      Fixed typo
      Fixed #96: PTT port value should match CAT port when disabled and VOX should be the default if the Rig is None
      Fixed HB and HB ACK messages being delayed
      Refactor create message transmit queue to be more straightforward. Message send text is now replaced in the edit box with what is actually being transmitted to be more clear
      Added tooltip tweaks for band activity
      Process GRID commands for everybody
      Clear tx queue before warning message too.
      Removed some legacy stuff from plotter
      Removed fsk4hf
      Removed some legacy wspr code
      Removed QTC as it was confusing and redundant. QTH is now the ‘station message’
      Added CMD. Fixed sending of spots over the network API. Changed the basic response of QUERY MSGS
      Message id for response to query and message id for a generic message retreival
      Working through QUERY MSG [id] and MSG commands to make it easier to work with the inbox
      Added ability to relay MSG and MSG TO commands
      Fixed network requests api ids to match data responses to requests
      Fixed #107: foxcom should be protected for only when we’re using the dtmf tone generator
      Fixed network message ids to be properly passed between server requests and client responses
      Bump to v0.14.0. Bump eol.
      Added baseline message history window
      Fixed idle watchdog queued messages
      Added callsign blacklist to complement the whitelist
      Removed legacy svn files
      Working through message window wireup
      Disabled message history while experimenting
      Added message to dummy data for testing
      Fixed dummy data message composition
      Updated message inbox window for future work
      Fixed #114: stored messages are stored and retreived with the base callsign
      Fixed self destruct alert for new messages
      Fixed self destruct countdown formatting