Howdy all,

I don’t usually release a patch so close to a release, but I wanted to get these out to y’all. Four commits, two fixes and two features:

  • Fix ALLCALL SNR query when ALLCALL or the station calling is selected
    • Now you will respond to ALLCALL? for stations you have selected in the heard list, including ALLCALL. Hopefully this helps with some of the no-response reports I was hearing.
  • Fix configuration styling of compose text font
  • Added table colors styling
  • Added test button to notification sounds

The table styling really rounds out the styling of the user interface. Here’s an example:

If you upgraded yesterday to v0.6.3, you should upgrade if you want these bugfixes. If you’ve haven’t upgraded from 0.5 yet, you should upgrade so you can keep using FT8Call on Monday.

Grab v0.6.4 here:

Cheers y’all!

Jordan / KN4CRD