Hey Folks! This is not a test, this is not a joke, it’s actually happening. The public release of JS8Call version 1.0 is here! You’ll find all of the public releases (now and future version) of JS8Call downloadable from this page: http://files.js8call.com/latest.html

For those following along at home, there were a few fixes from RC3 to 1.0 GA. I also added in one last feature…a “Check for Updates” on startup (by default) so we all know when a new version is released. There’s a full changelog below.

I want to thank all of the thousands of folks who have stuck around through the development of JS8Call. It has been a fun journey and there’s tons more to come! Stick around in the list if you want to have “early access” to any of the new features developed.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best QSOs and hope to see you on the air.


Jordan / KN4CRD


      Removed expiration and warnings

      Fixed #160: HB ACKs not stopped during QSO with the new checkmark setting
      Fixed QSO start time when you selected a station callsign
      Fixed #163: Removed DATA from logging
Fixed defaults for HB and CQ repeat menus
      Updated to spot local station information once every 15 minutes
      Updated labeling for disabled HB ack
      Updated label to be JS8NET
      Updated icon tooltip in Call Activity
      Updated copyright
Updated about repository URL
      Implemented version checking on files.js8call.com, a configuration option for doing that on startup, and a menu item in the Help menu for checking it at will.