Hi Folks!
Welcome to Version 0.13 of JS8Call. We’re so close to a 1.0 release and I’m excited to share some really cool stuff with you in the release. Head over to https://groups.io/g/js8call/wiki/Download-Links to grab the latest copy! I hope you find 0.13 to be worth the wait and hope that you will join us for Winter Field Day / JS8 QSO Party this weekend:https://groups.io/g/js8call/viewevent?eventid=398257&calstart=2019-01-26 (yes…JS8 is allowed in WFD).
You might be asking…what’s so exciting in this version? I think a lot:
  • Tons of bugfixes and tweaks. This is usually last on my list, but it’s something I’m proud of. Keep logging items in the issue tracker!
  • The app now keeps track of which stations can hear which (through incoming HB and ACKs). This is displayed in a little tooltip if you hover over their name. More on this in the next version, but a cool start to graphing the “network” that is created with JS8.
  • You can now hide the status bar…great for tiny RaspberryPi screens!
  • You can now send relay messages “to” a group callsign. Perfect for nets!
  • The HB and the STATUS command are now closer related. Meaning, when you HB, you’ll heartbeat the status flags like SPOT RELAY AUTO, etc.
  • There’s a new whitelist setting that you can enable to restrict which callsigns your station will AUTO reply to.
  • I’ve added the CQ FIELD and CQ CONTEST single frame CQ transmissions.
  • A subset of commands can now be relayed to a station with an automatic relay response. These include SNR, QTH, QTC, GRID, etc.
  • The frequency control is now both in a menu (for when you hide the top panel) and in a menu when you click the current frequency in the window. This makes it way less cluttered for frequency control and an obvious way to enter a custom frequency. There’s now also a dialog to change the audio offset if you click it too.
  • And finally… you can now store a message at an intermediate station using “MSG TO:” and it can be retrieved with “QUERY MSGS”. A very cool way to use a third-party relay station to deliver a message to you at a later date. This is only the beginning. I have a lot that we can do with this functionality and it will likely be refined in future versions.
Below is the complete changelog. If you run into any issues, please let me know / file an issue in the issue tracker:https://bitbucket.org/widefido/js8call/issues?status=new&status=open
Jordan / KN4CRD
      Remove legacy control menu items
      Fixed issue with removing band activity rows
      Added heard activity graph logging
      Fixed network messages to include an id so they are both 1) indexable and 2) do not cache in the network buffer
      Fixed issue with requests being sent out of the MessageClient when udp is disabled
      Merge branch ‘ft8call-develop’ of bitbucket.org:widefido/js8call-private into ft8call-develop
      Clear activity should clear the heard graph too.
      Cut down on a few false positives of auto-prepended callsigns with text override for words 3 characters or less.
      Removed SQL dump
      Rename variable to be more correct
      Fixed #77: Added an option to hide the statusbar
      Fixed #75: allow messages to group callsigns
      Fixed #72: added a tooltip of the band activity text
      Updated HB and CQ menu labels
      Initial commit of detail panel
      Fixed self logging
      Refactored heard graph logging
      Conditionally compile call detail browser into the app
      Unified STATUS and HB flags for better visibility.
      Added whitelist to the configuration for AUTO replies. That way you can restrict who you allow to use your station
      Bump to v0.12.1
      Fixed bug in flags hb message generation
      Added call detail tooltip into the call activity
      HB should only move freq if necessary
      Fixed a few bugs related to message duplicates
      Fixed duplicate acks printing
      Only have a relay status if AUTO is enabled
      Fixed issue with tx queue when idle watchdog kicks in
      Updated CQ spec to include CQ FIELD and CQ CONTEST
      Fixed main header
      Closed #45: A subset of directed commands will be autoreplied when relayed. This includes: SNR, GRID, QTC, QTH, etc
      Make sure selected text found matches search
      Fixed issue with printing messages with the autoreply whitelist non-empty
      Added a new, more obvious frequency control and a menu item for setting the frequency
      Added dialog to set audio offset
      Bump to v0.13.0
      Added message storage and retreival
      Bump eol
      Added query msgs to the menu
      Added msg to to the menu